If you want to visit the city where HBO is filming the famous “Game of Thrones” series, you should give a call to Europa Coaches Dubrovnik and our team will be happy to take you there. Dubrovnik is a city full of with medieval spirit. If you are medieval enthusiast, then Dubrovnik is the perfect place to satisfy your curiosity. Dubrovnik is also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. The old town was built on a huge rock. You can still visit the pharmacy, churches, monasteries, ancient palace and a bell tower from the 14th century.
City Walls
The city walls are considered to be one of the most magnificent monuments in Europe. It is a great example on how fort architecture was developed through the history of Europe. The construction of the walls started in the 8th century, but the major construction took place from the 15th to the end of the 16th century. The huge earthquake in the 17th century did not do much damage. The ramparts are 22 meters high and 6 meter thick. In front of the main wall on the mainland side is an outer wall with 10 circular bastions, which is used to be a moat. The main wall has 14 quadrangular and 2 circular towers, 2 angular fortification and 4 bastions. The entrances are separated in three parts: The Pile gate, Fort St. Johns and Fort St. Luke.

Enjoy the best view from Dubrovnik and the surrounding area from the top of the Srd Hill. The Dubrovnik cable car was built in 1969. Over 2.5 million enthusiastic visitors who wanted to enjoy the most beautiful panoramic views have already been here. On a clear day you can see up to 60km. That is why historical imperial strategic base was also built here.

Franciscan Monastery/Old Pharmacy Museum
The old pharmacy in Franciscan Monastery is one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe. It was founded in 1317 as a house pharmacy for Franciscan friars who were later introduced to the public, serving the whole town’s population. The pharmacy stands right next to the Baroque church among the arches of the atrium of the monastery. The pharmacy is still in function today and offers some products which are made according to ancient Franciscan’s recipes.

Rector’s Palace
When Dubrovnik was the glorious Ragusa, it was governed by a Rector who deserved the best palace the republic could buy. In 12th century gunpowder in the ground floor exploded and Michelozzo Michelozzi was in charge to repair the building. He was a fan of the Renaissance and decides to introduce this new style to the building. The ground floor was rebuilt in Renaissance form. The first floor remained pure Gothic. The style blended remarkably well and the overall effect is most harmonious.

Modern Art Gallery Dubrovnik
Just a short walk away from the old town, the mansion contains 4 floors and 9 rooms of exhibition space. The art collection includes many works by Vlaho Bukovac. In summer time, there is usually at least one exhibition featuring international and leading Croatian artists.

Europa Coaches Dubrovnik would like to take you to mini-Dubrovnik, Korčula town on Korčula Island. Korčula town offers one of Croatia’s most romantic views and has become a top sight for cruise lines. The old town is a mandatory visit on Korčula Island. Admiring the architecture of the old town is a big attraction of Korčula. In the center of the town you can see St. Mark’s Cathedral with the Gothic –Renaissance style. Local legend has it that Marco Polo was born in Korčula and you can visit the new Marco Polo museum to commemorate his life. At night, do not miss the famous Moreska Sword Dance, a colorful spectacle of clashing swords and intricately choreographed dance. Call the Europa Coaches Dubrovnik to arrange a tour!

If you miss sunshine in you city, then you should definitely call Europa Coaches Dubrovnik. We will take you to Hvar Island, where you can experience nearly 3000 hours of sunshine a year, making it Croatia’s sunniest island. Even when the sun goes down, Hvar shines with the best nightlife of the Adriatic. The harbor-side bars and cafes provide entertainment from dinner to breakfast. Hvar town makes excellent base for exploring the island. For example, you can visit the tiny port of Jelsa, village of Vrboska, and minuscule port of Milna. The day trips to the offshore Pakleni Island, which offers excellent scuba diving, are the most interesting thing you can experience on Hvar. Contact the Europa Coaches Dubrovnik to visit this beautiful island.

If you are interested in sports and outdoor activities, Europa Coaches Dubrovnik will take you to Split. Our comfortable buses will make your five hour journey from Dubrovnik to Split interesting and relaxed. Split is one of the most famous towns in Croatia for its sporting history and famous athletes. The local football team has produced a number of world-class players. Tennis is another popular sport. Former Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic and top player Mario Ancic were both raised in Split. If you are more interested in history, then Diocletian’s Palace is perfect for you to visit. Diocletian’s Palace is not only a historical discovery but it also contains Split’s most interesting shops, bars, restaurants and cafes. Besides the sightseeing in Split, the town makes an excellent base for exploring the wonders of many other islands, such as Brač and Solta.

Europa Coaches Dubrovnik is also interested in UNESCO World Heritage site. This time, we would like to take you to Mostar. There you will see Stari Most, the old bridge built by Turks in 1566, destroyed in 1993, but rebuilt in 2004. The bridge is 21m high and members of Mostar Diving Club frequently dive off the bridge.
The second interesting place to visit is Muslibegovica House, which was constructed 300 years ago. It is considered the most beautiful house from Ottoman period in the Balkans. Unlike other architectural styles, this house resembled a four-storey house built around the center. Double arched entrance with the central pillar reveals Mediterranean influence.

Since our Group does not only operate in Dubrovnik, we also organize tours all around Europe. When Dubrovnik cannot satisfy your curiosity anymore, give us a call and Europa Coaches Dubrovnik will suggest you other countries and cities to explore. Here are some examples:
The parking lots of Europa Coaches Dubrovnik are just 10 km away from the Montenegro border. For your trip to Kotor, Budva or another spectacular towns in Montenegro we can offer you any of our brand new buses, from 19 to 57 seater.
If you like being surrounded by medieval town, then the bay of Kotor , the pretties bays in the world is a must visit. Give a Europa Coaches Dubrovnik a call we will arrange a coach to bring you there. Town of Kotor is a beautiful, medieval tow with a brilliant history. Do not miss the 12th century St. Tryphon Cathedral, the Church of St. Luke and St. Nicholas Church. Kotor is locked between blue sea and steep cliff on the other.
Although Montenegro’s magnificent sea side is best known among travellers it also offers inland panoramic views. It has national park status and offer great opportunities for hiking, bird watching and wildlife spotting. On the other hand, Tara River Canyon, 1300 meter above the river Tara, is second longest canyon in the world and it’s protected by UNESCO World Heritage Site.
If you need a bus for your business or tourist trips to Podgorica, kindly contact our company Europa Coaches Dubrovnik and we will provide you the best service for any trip around Dubrovnik.
Podgorica is the capital and the largest city of Montenegro. It is an administrative, cultural and economic heart of the country, but still sees far less tourists than the coastal area. The history of this town began in the Stone Age. You can still see remnants such as the old Turkish town Stara Varoš, a monument to king Nikola, St. George’s church, Millennium Bridge, Rimski trg.
Rent coaches from Europa Coaches Dubrovnik and take a trip Budva. It is an only 2 hour drive from Dubrovnik. Budva is a coastal tourist resort in Montenegro. It is often called the Monternegrin Miami, because it is the most crowded and most popular tourist resort in Montenegro. Budva also has a rich history. If you would like to visit the old town, Saint John church, Holy trinity, and archeology museum call Europa Coaches Dubrovnik and we will organize a wonderful trip.
Macedonia is an impressive place to visit. Our transportation company Europa Coaches Dubrovnik will take you to see old oriental bazaars, ancient Roman ruins, as well as a number of mosques and orthodox churches. Experience Macedonia’s role as a gateway between Europe and Asia.
If you are planning to travel to Ohrid, do not hesitate to contact Europa Coaches Dubrovnik. A beautiful city of Macedonia, Ohrid is just 7 hours away from Dubrovnik. Hire one of our coaches and we will arrange a transportation service to the most fascinating town in Macedonia. This town was made a UNESCO heritage site in 1980. In the summer time you will find Ohrid Swimming Marathon. Each year, the swimming elite throughout the world gathers in Ohrid and, starting from the monastery of St. Naum, they swim along the lakeshore to the town harbor, approx. 30km route. If you are looking for a more relaxed route, make sure to rent a boat at Lake Ohrid. They also have a few different natural beaches and each offers a unique beach experience.
It takes only 8 hours to Bitola from Dubrovnik with Europa Coaches Dubrovnik. Bitola is one of the most popular cities in Macedonia. It was the seat of consuls in the 19th century and with them, they brought the European culture and influence to local society. After that, people started living in European fashion and build their houses in mixed neoclassical style. When you are exploring the city, we suggest visiting Old Bazaar. It is the most beautiful bazaar in Macedonia. It has pleasant small squares with water fountains and many ottoman monuments. If you are visiting between June and August, with little luck you will maybe hit BitFest, a music festival where over 100 events takes place.
The distance between Tetovo and Dubrovnik is 450km and it takes only eight and a half hours to get there with Europa Coaches Dubrovnik’s bus. We suggest visiting the following places: Arabati Baba Teke – it was made in the last decades of the 18th century by Redzep Pasha. It is comprised of several buildings used for religious ceremonies. St. Cyril and Methodius Churches – made in 1903, one of the biggest and most beautiful churches in the Polog Plain. The fresco painting on the wall was done by painter Danilo Nestorovski in 1924.
450 km from Dubrovnik and an 8 hour drive with Europa Coaches Dubrovnik, we will arrive at the capital of Macedonia – Skopje. The city has a very long history, as it is more than 2000 years old and has survived many different periods, empires, few earthquakes, was built, destroyed, then rebuilt. In Skopje you must see the statue of Alexander the GREAT. The main symbol of Skopje is the warrior on a horse statue and a fountain in the center of Macedonia Square. The monument was built in Florence and was officially completed on September 2011 to commemorate 20 years of the independence of the Republic of Macedonia.
The Albanian border is not far from Dubrovnik. If you wish to experience the best bus tours in the Balkan region, rent one of the buses from our fleet at Europa Coaches Dubrovnik and we will take you to this mystical country. Albania is located in the hearth of the Mediterranean, next to the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. Albania is fast becoming one of the world’s most interesting getaways. Still relatively unspoiled by globalization, you will notice an inspiring mixture of civilization and culture, making this European country truly unique. Albanian history and culture are fascinating. Butrint is one of the world’s archeological wonders. In the south of Albania there is a glimpse of Mediterranean civilization from the Bronze Age through the Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman periods. Albania is also the home of both Mother Theresa and the 15th century hero Skanderberg. Albania today offers not only beach and mountain holidays but also a relaxing outdoor culture.
While exploring Albania you should definitely not miss Shkodra. One of the most beautiful cities in Albania is only 4 hours away from Dubrovnik with the fleet of Europa Coaches Dubrovnik. The mystic Shkodra will offer you the Kalaja Fortress to explore. This fortress was founded by the Illyrians, rebuilt by the Venitians and Ottomans. There are amazing views from the highest point. Bring a torch and go explore this mysterious forest. If you are looking for a more relaxed route, then Lake Shkodra is definitely for you. Lake Shkodra is the largest lake in the Balkans where you can take a pleasant 5 km walk.
Give Europa Coaches Dubrovnik a call and our staff with arrange a comfortable trip to the capital of Albania, Tirana. Though it’s not a city renowned for its tourist appeal, Tirana nonetheless has an experience of its own to offer. Famous Mother Albania statue is a must see. The statue is about 12 m high and is located at the national Martyrs Cemetery of Albania. The statue was erected in 1971, represents the country as a mother guarding over those who gave their lives for her. There are 28,000 graves of Albanian partisans in the cemetery behind the statue, all of whom died during World War 2.
Sarande is a city in the south of Albania and it is only 500 km from Dubrovnik. Give us a call and Europa Coaches Dubrovnik will take you to an unforgettable tour. While in Sarande, we suggest you to visit Butrint, one of the cultural highlights of Albania which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It used to be a city through Greek, Roman, Bishopric and Byzantine periods and was abandoned during the middle Ages. The present archaeological site is a repository of ruins representing each period in the city’s development.
In 2008 it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it is a rare example of a well-preserved Ottoman town. It is one of the most beautiful towns and is known as the “Town of a thousand windows”. The Kala Castle, which was built in the 13th century, has its origins going back to the 4th century BC. The citadel is still inhabited, with many churches, and there are a couple of bars and shops in the Kala area. If you are looking for adrenalin, make sure to visit Osumi River. One of the most beautiful rivers in Albania, it passes through canyons as high as meters. It also offers a 3 hour rafting experience inside the canyons. If you would like to experience the beauty of Berat, call Europa Coaches Dubrovnik and we will organize an exciting tour.
Belgrade is the central point of Serbian economy, culture and education. It has a population of 1.5 million, making it the country’s largest city. The ravages of war over the past two centuries, however, have destroyed much of cities historical appearance. The only monuments left are those from the 19th century. While war has destroyed much of Belgrade, there are still ways to explore Belgrade’s history. The city has a network of streets built up after the Turks left the city in the latter half of the 19th century. Important buildings include the National museum, National Theatre, Kalemegdan Fortress, the Parliament, the Temple of Saint Sava and the Old Palace. Europa Coaches Dubrovnik will happily arrange a comfortable trip to the Serbian capital.
Niš is the second largest city in Serbia. It is located in the south of the country on the main land routes connecting Belgrade to Bulgaria and Macedonia. Mediana is probably the most interesting Niš site. Constantine the Great was born in Niš. It is an active archaeological site. Work is underway to fully excavate the site. Niš fortress is also worth a visit. It is an old Turkish fortress located just to the north of the Niš main square and a site of numerous festivals. If you are curious about this city, give Europa Coaches Dubrovnik a call and within 9 hours, we will arrive to our destination.
Novi Sad is the capital of Vojvodina, the northern Autonomous Province of Serbia. The distance between Dubrovnik and Novi Sad is about 500 km. Give Europa Coaches Dubrovnik a call and we will comfortably take you there. The fortress of Petrovaradin is a worthy of your visit. A fortress that no enemy has ever conquered now contains a museum. If you are traveling in July you should not miss the EXIT festival. It was founded in 2000 as an onset to the democratic revolution in the country and it attracts more and more visitors every year. It has a wide variety of music genres such as Rock, Dance, and Reggae. In 2004, it was listed as the biggest cultural event of South/Central Europe.
Kosovo is a country that is recognized by 66 other states, including the USA and most countries of the EU. Serbia claims Kosovo as a province of Serbia, and has appealed to the international Court of justice. The process of this appeal is still on going.
Priština is the capital city of Kosovo. The distance between Dubrovnik and Priština is about 400 km. The Priština Ethnographic museum is a must see. It is creatively curated, with video and music. It is housed in two stunning 18th and 19th century houses, one kept as it would have been lived in, the other with “the room of birth”, “the room of death”, costumes, and beautiful traditional jewelry with enthusiastic guides. If you would like to visit this cultural city, contact Europa Coaches Dubrovnik and we will transport you to your destination comfortably with one of our buses.
While Bulgaria may not be Europe’s most obvious tourist destination, it does warrant some attention. Since the collapse of communism and the establishment of a democratic government in 1990, Bulgarians have worked hard at rebuilding their war-torn nation. For those travellers in search of a summer getaway, Bulgaria’s Black Sea coastline is rapidly becoming a popular destination.
With 11 hours of drive, Europa Coaches Dubrovnik will bring you to Sofia, capital city of Bulgaria. As the center of the country’s political, cultural and business scenes, Sofia is a bustling and dynamic city, but it has a relaxed feeling. With roots tracking back over 7000 years, Sofia is one of the oldest settlements in Europe and numerous cultural, historical and archaeological monuments have been preserved. The center of Sofia contains 300 restaurants and cafes and the blend of both old and new gives the city a unique feeling.
The distance between Dubrovnik and Veliko Tarnovo is only 950km. Our bus fleet from Europa Coaches Dubrovnik is always ready to bring you there. While you are there make sure to visit the castle of the Old Bulgarian capital – Tsarevets. The city is divided into old and new parts. The old city itself is a collection of traditional renaissance houses scattered over the hills around the river Yantara. The new part consists of a mixture of communist and modern style buildings.
Varna is one of the most beautiful Bulgarian cities and it has a very rich historical and cultural heritage. The area around Varna has been home to many ancient civilizations over several thousand years. Varna is surrounded by sea and forest and the area is stunningly beautiful in all seasons. The mild and warm climate also makes it a very good place to live. While there, do not miss the aquarium exhibition of the black sea which includes 140 fish species, including freshwater fish, Mediterranean fish, and exotic species from oceans around the world. If all of this sounds interesting, call Europa Coaches Dubrovnik and let us take you to this wonderful city.
Burgas is the second largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is the capital of the Burgas province and an important industrial, transport, cultural and tourist center. There is a very well-known Flora international exhibition for flowers. It takes place in a pavilion in the Sea Garden near the North Beach. The flora is usually held at the end of April but most of the flowers stay there for public to see until the late summer. Contact Europa Coaches Dubrovnik and visit this interesting exhibition.
Romania is situated in the north of the Balkan Peninsula on the western shores of the Black Sea. It enjoys great natural beauty and diversity and a rich cultural heritage. Romania enchants visitors with its scenic mountain landscapes and unspoiled countryside areas, and also with its historic cities and its busy capital. Over the last decade Romania had undergone a significant development and it is one of the recent members of the European Union.
Bucharest is the capital and largest city of Romania with over 2 million inhabitants. The earliest known reference to Bucharest comes from 1459, when it was known as the Citadel of Bucuresti and became the residence of the Wallachian prince Vlad III the Impaler. Bucharest offers museums, churches, nature parks and concerts. Make sure to give Europa Coaches Dubrovnik a call and we will make your trip unforgettable.
Brasov is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. It is located in the southern central part of the country. It has a well preserved city center, which you can enjoy by taking the cable car up Tampa Hill. While in the city itself, the Black and St. Nicolas Churches deserve a visit, as does the Orthodox Church. Contact Europa Coaches Dubrovnik and let us take you on a wonderful and exciting tour.
In Sighisoara, all sites can be seen in a few hours, but the atmosphere may lead you to stay longer. The main entrance to the old town is through a gate under a large clock tower with revolving figures from the Saxon mythology. A wonderful view of the town can be seen from the top of the tower. The house where the infamous “Dracula” was born and lived until he was 5 is situated in the main square. A medieval German church with a painted wooden altar and Lutheran graveyard stand on hill to the south west of the central square. If you would like to visit the birthplace of Dracula, call Europa Coaches Dubrovnik and we will arrange a tour.
Known in German as Hermannstadt, Sibiu has always been the center of Romania’s German minority since the medieval times. Even today, it contains Romania’s largest German community, and due to initiatives by the local government, the Germanic feel of the area has been preserved. Sibiu’s main attraction is probably the Old Medieval Town. Most of the buildings in the Old Town were built by German settlers and merchants who came to Sibiu in the late middle ages. The Old Town is divided into two parts: The Upper town, which contain most of the city’s historic sight and the Lower town, which is home to many charming building. Call the Europa Coaches Dubrovnik team and take a tour in one of our comfortable buses.
Timisoara is a University City and an industrial center of western Romania. It is often described as the most cosmopolitan city in Romania. Europa Coaches Dubrovnik will organize a daily excursion or a trip for you. Opera square is the place you want to visit upon arrival. It is a symbol of Romanian revolution. Here you can find the Orthodox Cathedral, the Opera House, the City Hall and the beautiful palaces built at the end of the 19th century.
With one foot in Asia and one foot in Europe, Turkey emerges on the tourist map as a fascinating cultural mystery, with ancient cities and towns as frequent as freckles and a history that is as long as it is complicated. Mount Ararat, the ancient Biblical towns of Ephesus and Antakya, the fairy tale formations of Cappadocia and the cultured beach towns along the Mediterranean coast make up further ammo for the Turkish arsenal of touristy delights.
The city which divides Asia and Europe is the only city in the world which is situated on two continents. While you are there make sure you visit Aya Sofia. It is a former mosque and former church for the old European part of Istanbul. It was the leading church for the Eastern Orthodox Church for over 900 years. In 1935 it was converted into a museum by orders from the first president of Turkey (Ataturk). Other place you have to visit is the Galata Bridge. The first one opened in 16th century. The longest span of the bridge is 80m and 42m wide. There are walkways, recently even a tramway across the bridge, making the bridge one of just a few moveable bridges in the world with electrified rail. Give Europa Coaches Dubrovnik a call and we will take you on a wonderful tour.
Between the 9th and 11th centuries, Ukraine was the center of Kievan Rus, one of the most important civilizations at the time. For travellers, hiking is superb in the western country. But Ukraine’s real attraction lies in its cities and villages. The capital Kiev was once home of Kievan Rus. It contains rich history, from Mongol invasion to the recent Chernobyl disaster.
Europa Coaches Dubrovnik also organizes tours in Kiev. Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. It is located central north of the country along the Dnjepr River. There are typical wide 6 lane boulevards with massive buildings alongside and monuments for everything and everyone. The Monastery of the Caves is another must-see place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Independence Square and the Khreschatyk Boulevard are the heart of the city where you will find good food and excellent nightlife as well.
Europa Coaches Dubrovnik also operates in Donetsk, a large city located in eastern Ukraine. It is a relatively new city, founded in 1869 by a Welsh businessman who set up a steel plant and coal mines in the area. It is the fifth largest city in Ukraine. Donetsk is also called the City of Million Roses. Well groomed and blooming city welcomes tourist hospitably. That is why it is considered to be the greenest of all industrial cities of the world. The cultural center of Donetsk and all the Donetsk region has one of the greatest arts museums of Ukraine, the Donetsk Art Museum. It has a collection of 11.500 works of painting, graphic, sculpture and other arts. A tour of the city gives an opportunity to see a lot of monuments, for example, Memorial Tablet to Vasyl Stus, Monument to the Liberators of Donbass, Memorial to the soldiers killed in Afghanistan.
Visiting Lviv? Do not hesitate to call Europa Coaches Dubrovnik. We will arrange a perfect coach for your Lviv travel. Lviv is a city in the north-west of Ukraine, capital of the historical region of Galicia. Lviv is now regarded as one of the main cultural centers of today’s Ukraine. The historical city center is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The historcal heart of Lviv with its old building and cobblestone roads has survived WWII and ensuring Nazi and Soviet occupation largely unscathed.
Most people agree that as far as eastern European travel destinations go, Hungary tops the list. The nation is most definitely geared towards tourism, with classy resorts and hotels at all the important spots, but it has wisely averted the destruction of its traditional culture. We suggest visiting the cultural landscape Puszta. It is placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will see the grazing animals, the traditional life dates back for more than 2000 years. If you are more interested in natural lakes, then we suggest you to visit Lake Balaton. It is the biggest lake in central Europe and one of the major tourist destinations in the country. The surroundings are hilly and there are some great places to explore.
Europa Coaches Dubrovnik also operates in Budapest. It is the capital of Hungary. The Danube River divides the city into two parts, on the west bank, Buda and on the east Pest. You should definitely visit St. Stephen’s Basilica, the opera house, the Terror Museum and the second largest synagogue in the world among them. The city is also very famous for Turkish baths.
Slovenia is a member of the European Union, Schengen Agreement and NATO. The county lies in Central Europe in the eastern Alps, bordered by Austria to the north, Italy to the west, Hungary to the northeast, and Croatia to the southeast. Despite its small size, this eastern Alpine country controls some of Europe’s major transit routes. Keen skiers have found Slovenia’s Julian Alp to be an ideal site for their next adventure, whilst non-skiers have been drawn by the abundance to fine hiking areas and beautiful scenery. Slovenes have made efficient use of their tiny coastline, which boasts an excellent Mediterranean climate and a line-up of vibrant towns. Animal lovers are awed by the strange ‘human fish’, which can only be found in Slovenian caves.
Europa Coaches Dubrovnik also operates in Central Europe. If you are planning to start a tour in Central Europe, Bled is a good destination to start. Lake Bled is one of the most popular places for travellers who visit Slovenia and of the Slovenian natives as well. The lake and the town are beautifully located in the Julian Alps. In the middle of the lake you will find a small island where a little church can be found, which is almost covering the entire island. There are numerous boats that can bring you there and the views are fantastic.
Europa Coaches Dubrovnik will guide you to the capital of Slovenia. A famous Dragon Bridge will always wait for your arrival. It is guarded by four detailed dragon statues. When your soul is filled with dragon spirit, you should continue your journey to the Ljubljana Castle. There you will find a 3D presentation on the castle about the history of Ljubljana, from the Roman Empire to modern times.
The next destination Europa Coaches Dubrovnik will take you is Postojna. Here you will visit the famous Postojna Cave. It contains 20 km of underground galleries, chambers and corridors, up to 50 meters high in some places. Tours begin with a train journey into the cave system through several chambers before visitors get off and do a guided walk through stalagmite studded cavern. The whole tour lasts 90 minutes. The caves are damp and chilly so appropriate shoes and clothing should be worn. If this does not satisfy you enough, there is still Predjama Castle. A remarkable looking castle that looks like it is growing out of the cave.
Koper is one of Slovenia’s three coastal cities on the Adriatic Sea (the others are Piran and Portorož). It is home to Slovenia’s largest marine port and offers great views of large shipping vessels in action. Like the other coastal cities, its style is very Italian and beautiful. Since Europa Coaches Dubrovnik also operates in Slovenia, why don’t give us a call and we will arrange a tour for you. Famous monument in Koper is the Tito Square surrounded by slowly crumbling palazzi. Piran on the other hand is probably the most beautiful Slovenian coastal town. Piran was also part of the Venetian empire from the 13th century to the end of the 18th century. Portorož is the biggest tourist are on the Slovenian coast.
If you are sports fan, especially a fan of skiing, then Kranjska Gora is definitely a place for you. Give Europa Coaches Dubrovnik a call and we will make your skiing tour unforgettable. Kranjska Gora is a ski resort. Nearby is a picturesque lake with a statue of the Zlatorog, the mythical guardian of the largest Slovenian mountain Triglav.
If you like wine then Europa Coaches Dubrovnik has a place for you. Maribor is the second most important center and the second largest city in Slovenia. It has about 100.000 inhabitants who live embraced in its wine growing hills. It is located near the Slovenian border with Austria, beside the Drava River and at the center of five natural geographic regions. One of the oldest wines (about 450 years ago, also Guinness Book certified) is growing on the front of the Old Vine House in Lent, the oldest part of the town on the embankment of the Drava River. You can also find them on traditional Old Vine Festival which is held annually at the end of September.
Ptuj is one of the oldest towns in Slovenia. It is known for its historic buildings and its Kurentovanje festival. If you want to taste true Slovenian culture, then Europa Coaches Dubrovnik is ready to bring you there. The history of Ptuj reaches back to the Stone Age, but the city experienced its greatest flowering in the Roman period. The name originates in the times of Emperor Trajan. Furthermore, Orpheus Monument should not be missed. It is an almost 5 m high tombstone that has become the symbol of the town. In the Middle Ages, the stone was used to chain criminals to it, which severely damaged the inscription.
Italy is the home of culture, some of soccer’s finest teams and the Roman Catholic Church. Museums display some of the most beautiful art works ever made. But the parts of Italy that operate outside museum doors have enough beauty to satisfy every visitor. Stroll down the streets of Rome, Florence, Naples, or Venice, and you will be struck by the wealth of history and culture tied up in the cobbled streets, baroque style buildings and beautiful chapels.
The famous water city on world is one must visit place. Europa Coaches Dubrovnik regularly stops there due to high demand. First place to visit is Doge’s Palace. You will discover the part of the palace where the city’s administration worked, as well as Casanova’s jail and wonderful five hundred year old roof structure. The great views of Venice and the lagoon can be also captured in the top of the Bell tower of St. Mark.
Europa Coaches Dubrovnik will take you to your next destination – Rome. First thing to see in the ancient Rome is the Coliseum. Vatican City is also a famous place not to miss. However, you should also choose many other churches, the Seven Hills of Rome, museums and Piazzas to visit.
The city which was once the undisputed cultural center of Europe, Vienna, still bears the signs of its glory days. Majestic architecture, a haven of western musical tradition and museums dedicated to its artistic heritage. But while Vienna’s past glory makes it a must see destination, Salzburg is the most popular destination. Away from the cities, Austria’s countryside beauty is as majestic as the Habsburg Empire was. Whether it’s the graceful Danube, the Eisriesenwelt ice caves, or the magnificent snowcapped peaks of the Alps. Visitors will find it impossible to deny Austria’s great beauty.
When you are traveling with Europa Coaches Dubrovnik one thing you should not miss is the Ball carnival season. The most widely known and elegant balls are the opera Ball in the State Opera or the ball of the Wiener Philharmoniker. There are also a lot of open air film festivals, e.g. at the Augarten, the Vienna Turf Krieau, The Parter and Schloss Neugebaude. In the summer, there is also the ImPlusTanz Festival for contemporary dance and performance.
For nature enthusiast we invite you to explore the Alps with Europa Coaches Dubrovnik. Here you will find The Seven Natural Wonders of Switzerland to explore. Not a hiking enthusiast? Would like to do more shopping? Switzerland is famous for its Swiss Made watches. Also do no forget to try their chocolate and cheese. Switzerland is also the official home of the Swiss Army Knife.
Germany has something for every traveller. For people looking for great culture, castles and churches or art and museums, all can be found here. Germany also has some of the best preserved wilderness in all of Western Europe, offering great hiking and clean skies. Fashion can be found in its great cities along with sexy cars. But if you are looking to drink great beer, Germany definitely has something for you too. The greatest beer festival in the world, the Oktoberfest is an annual event which you should not miss, so call Europa Coaches Dubrovnik and we will arrange a fun trip.
Love history? So do we! Europa Coaches Dubrovnik will take you to the capital of Germany. Berlin Wall is a must-see travel site. A large stretch of intact wall can be found east of the city along the river Spree in Muhlenstrasse. Next thing to see is the biggest and the most impressive church in Berlin – Berliner Dom. It was built at the turn of the 19th century as an expression of imperial power. If you are travelling with family do not forget to visit the Berlin Zoo. It has the largest range of species in the world. The zoo has also the only giant panda in Germany. We are sure there are many attractions that may interest you.
Join Europa Coaches Dubrovnik on the adventure to Munich. Munich offers visitors many sights and attraction. There is something for everyone, no matter if you are seeking arts and culture, shopping, fine dining, nightlife, sporting events or Bavarian beer hall atmosphere. Our journey will begin with four Royal Avenues of the 19th century with magnificent architecture that runs through Munich’s city. Munich is also home to world class collections and museums. The Kunstareal in Maxvorstadt includes 16 museum, 40 galleries and 7 art schools. This city is also known as global center of research and engineering. It is not surprising that the city hosts several museums presenting vast science and technology exhibitions. Last but not least, the most famous festival in Germany, the Oktoberfest, takes place in Munich every October. If you are beer and wine enthusiast you should not miss this opportunity, so call Europa Coaches Dubrovnik and let us take you on a fun trip to Munich.
France is one of the western world’s most important centers of culture: names like Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Hector Berlioz, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Voltaire, Victor Hugo and Claude Monet are but a handful of the many world-renowned composers, writers and artists that France has produced. It is little wonder the French are so proud of their culture, and sensational monuments such as the Eiffel Tower. But proud or not, you will be inclined to agree with the locals after exploring France’s unlimited possibilities.
Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, a truth easily appreciated on a stroll that could yield one stunning vista after another, from the epic Eiffel Tower to the regal Jardin des Tuileries to the petite cafés bursting onto the sidewalks. Beyond the city’s visual appeal, the cultural riches of the French capital are unsurpassed. Whether you opt to explore the historic, fashion-conscious, bourgeois, or bohemian and arty sides of Paris, one thing is certain: the City of Light will always enthrall. What are you waiting for? Our staffs from Europa Coaches Dubrovnik are waiting for your call.
Belgium has everything its popular neighbors have, but goes relatively unnoticed. Its extraordinary artistic heritage puts it on the map for art-lovers, but the country’s delights extend well beyond the artistic realm. Cities such as Bruges and Ghent go back centuries, retaining much of their medieval architecture and providing visitors with a fascinating step back in time. Brussels is the proud capital, not only of Belgium, but also of the European Union, and despite the rather deadening effect of dozens of bureaucrats bustling along its streets, Brussels’ central square, the Grand Place, is a sensational highlight which should not be missed by any visitor of Belgium.
Come with Europa Coaches Dubrovnik to Brussels, capital of the European Union. Brussels is a popular destination for diplomats and business people. But there is a lot more to Brussels than a cluster of office blocks. Brussels is a historical city with a beautiful city centre, impressive museums, 19th century palaces, fine cuisine and chocolates. And who would not want to visit a city where one of its main claims to fame is Manneken Pis, a tiny peeing statue with a wardrobe of some 725 outfits.
A small country with a big profile, the Netherlands offers a beguiling blend of rural, traditional beauty and vibrant culture. Occupying a delta at the confluence of three major rivers where they empty into the North Sea, it is truly a water world: canals, coast and lakes are never far from view. Flat as a pancake, it also makes an ideal destination for cycling; an integral mode of transport among the Dutch themselves, and many visitors plan their trips around the extensive infrastructure for two-wheeled travel.
Europa Coaches Dubrovnik would like to take you to the small capital of the world, Amsterdam. Amsterdam is well known for its Red Light District, but has much more to offer. There is the famous Van Gogh Museum; also the Anne Frank House is one of the hot spots to visit. Amsterdam is also a major trading center for diamonds; you will also find a museum about this precious jewel.
Let Europa Coaches Dubrovnik take you to London tour. London is a cultural melting pot where people from around the world have found a home. According to the 2001 census, over a quarter of the population of London was born outside the UK. Home to the Big Ben, the Queen of the United Kingdom, the Tower of London, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace and fish and chips in your local, London provides days of distraction for the first time tourists.